Greenwich, CT– Healthy hair curls, achieved through the use of the right products and under the supervision of a hair expert, are what everyone with curls aspires to have. Christo Fifth Avenue specializes in curls for both men and women and has made this a center of its interest for more than 20 years. Managed by a team of professionals, the Best Hair Salon in Greenwich CT uses some of the best natural products to make this possible, including Curlisto Lotion PLUS, Curlisto Natural Masque, and Curlisto Structura Lotion. To achieve the best look, the team provides specialized services that ensure that they bring out the best in each customer. 

“Christo Curlisto was dubbed the King of Curls because of his extraordinary touch on curly hair. A mundane person did not just give the name, but it was the Wall Street Journal, which mainly features women’s wear. He has also appeared in fashion magazines, and his works in the world of hair will still stand in the years to come. This shows how good he is at his specialty and explains why he keeps progressing. He has a dedicated team of hair enthusiasts, and I love his products because they are mainly natural and can be used on a DIY basis,” said a happy customer. 

Christo Fifth Avenue and the team make every experience personal for its customers. If you walk in, they will look at the customer’s hair texture, the curl type, and what options they have on the table and advise accordingly. The process entails washing with shampoo, deep condition, and styling to the customer’s liking with the natural products from the Curlisto Hairline Products. This service is important to every individual who sets foot in the Christo Fifth Avenue-Curly Hair Salon Greenwich. It helps them accentuate their beauty and access products that make their hair healthier. The curly hair salon is also known for its signature Diametrix Cut which is synonymous with the salon and is designed to lessen the bulkiness of the hair while accentuating the wearer’s look.

The team advises anyone with no idea about managing curly hair to seek professional help. Curls can also be added to straight hair for those who so desire. Christo Fifth Avenue-Curly Hair Salon Greenwich, CT, has been impacting the lives of its customers in the hair realm since 2002. Some of their other services include Exclusive Signature Treatments, In-Salon Bridal Design, Vibrant & Natural Coloring, Bespoke Styling, and Special Treatments. 

For more information, visit their website or contact their customer care at (212) 203-6674. Christo Fifth Avenue – Curly Hair Salon Greenwich, CT is located at 49 Greenwich Ave 2nd Floor Suite 1, Greenwich, Connecticut, 06831, USA. 

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By Arlene Huff

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