Falmouth, ME – Given how most pest activities often only become more apparent during the warmer seasons, many people may erroneously believe that their pest problems become nonexistent during winter. Nothing could be further from the truth. This is because while some pests thrive during colder seasons, others use this time to nest and breed in preparation for the coming warmer months. This makes ceasing all pest control activities during winter a recipe for a full-blown infestation during summer. Luckily for the residents of Falmouth, ME, and the neighboring areas, Insight Pest Solutions provides year-round pest control services using different tactics and techniques depending on the season and the pests in question. 

Different pests have different behaviors during the cold seasons. For instance, some will retreat to their nests, typically in relatively warm places around the house. Others will huddle together for warmth, while others will enter a hibernation-like state. The good news is that thanks to their extensive hands-on experience spanning over a decade, Insight Pest Solutions’ exterminators know a great deal about such behaviors to know where to look. They can pinpoint pests’ locations, nests, and colonies, even when their activities are reduced – as is typically the case during the cold seasons. 

To guarantee the success of each pest control treatment, the exterminators from insightpest.com/maine begin every service appointment with a thorough property inspection. This inspection aims to determine the pests’ locations and gather helpful information about their infestation scales and habits. Once they have identified the pests’ locations, they choose the best action to eliminate them. Here, options include but are not limited to the destruction of nests, elimination of webs, targeted application of chemicals, destruction of breeding grounds, disruption of life cycles, and application of pest barriers around properties. 

While commenting on their experience with an Insight Pest Solutions exterminator, one impressed client said, “Murdering pests has never been more efficient or delightful. Jose was super polite and personable, prompt, and very detailed and concise in his explanations. Great value, and we can’t recommend this business or this individual more highly. I feel bad for the critters, but they’re destroying my house, so they need to die. I am very stoked!”

Whenever possible, after completing each treatment, Insight Pest Solutions’ employees take their time to educate clients on some of the things they can do to keep pests at bay between subsequent treatments. Some of the winter-prone pests they control include spiders, cockroaches, stink bugs, ticks, ladybugs, ants, termites, and rodents. Visit the company’s website for more information about their services. A company representative is always reachable at (207) 747-5404 for queries. Insight Pest Solutions is located at 60 Gray Rd, Building 2 Unit 13, Falmouth, ME, 04105, USA. 

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By Arlene Huff

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