The focus of Good Culture Consulting is to help businesses enhance their company culture by creating customized community engagement programs and events that are mission aligned, enrich business values and drive positive change, with the added benefits of an inspired workplace and greater employee engagement. 

The effective corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategies Good Culture Consulting  uses, are proven to help organizations commit to sustainable ways to enhance their company culture and communal sphere. 

“CSR efforts enrich the communities that companies most deeply affect through company operations. In addition, these efforts help foster greater employee engagement and sense of purpose, as well as create a meaningful connection to these communities.” – Just Capital

Good Culture helps businesses to integrate practical philanthropic activities, while keeping an organization’s environmental social and governance plan (ESG) in mind to mitigate any risks that could infringe on corporate practices, policies, and stewardship.

Client Testimonial:

“Michelle is very experienced at navigating the complex landscape of Unified School District policies and initiatives related to sustainability and community engagement. She is a fantastic organizer with an inspired vision for schoolyards and the communities that surround them.” Teresa Dahl, Director, Community School Parks at People for Parks

Other Clients Include:

Microsoft Enterprise

Delaveaga Golf and Lodge

Venice Made

Mahina Clothing

Koreatown Youth 

Community Center Generic Events Company 

High Wide and Handsome Advertising & Many More

About Michelle Bagnato

Michelle delivers energy, focus and invigorating leadership to help clients assimilate avenues for connecting within their community in order to foster good culture.  As the Founder & Chief Engagement Officer at Good Culture Consulting, LLC, Michelle specializes in designing custom programs and partnerships that enhance operational vitality and build a vibrant community presence based on shared values.

Working at the nexus of philanthropy, active citizenship, sustainability and entertainment for more than two decades, Michelle partners with clients to achieve real and meaningful change through collaboration.  She is a renowned community organizer, presenter, and sought-after motivator.

Michelle personally connects with her clients to understand the essence of their business culture and the stakeholders that shape the community culture.  She then curates specific corporate social responsibility (CSR) and environmental social governance (ESG) programs and initiatives driven by the unique mission and vision of each company to produce actionable results.

Before devoting her work full time to corporate social responsibility and Good Culture Consulting, Michelle spent 20 years as an internationally-respected producer for the advertising and entertainment industries.

According to Michelle, “Good Culture’s goal is to enhance a company’s culture by matchmaking community engagement programs that will enrich an organization’s business values and drive positive change.”

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