Middle Tennessee Pregnancy Resource Center Shares Insight On First OBGyn Visit

Columbia, TN – A positive pregnancy test is enough to send many women into panic mode. Even those actively trying to conceive may find confirming a pregnancy overwhelming. One of the first things many women wonder during the early days of their first pregnancy is what happens at the first OB/GYN appointment. The Pregnancy Centers Of Middle Tennessee explains that there are many things that will take place during the first visit.

Pregnancy is a time full of wonder and, for many women, fear and anxiety. Women who have never had a baby before may not know what to expect. And while everyone’s pregnancies are different, there are a few consistencies, including what a doctor might do during the first OB/GYN exam.

Women who find out they are pregnant for the first time are often curious about the process. The experts here explain that there is nothing to worry about, and the first visit is all about setting a baseline for a woman’s pregnancy.

For most, the first appointment is when they will meet their obstetrician for the very first time. An obstetrician is a healthcare provider that specializes in pregnancy and childbirth. They will likely administer a pregnancy test, even for women who have had a positive pregnancy test at the pregnancy center. 

Next, depending on how far along the obstetrician believes the woman is, they might also order an ultrasound. During the ultrasound, mom and dad may get to see the beginnings of life on the screen. If the woman is far enough along, they might even hear a heartbeat. Partners who have a history of multiple births in either family will also find out if the mom is carrying a single baby or if twins (or triplets) are in the new family’s future.

A pelvic exam usually follows. For women who have never visited an obstetrician or gynecologist before, this is usually the most uncomfortable part. During the pelvic exam, a woman will be asked to disrobe, lie flat, and undergo an examination of her genital area, which may include a Pap smear. Most experienced moms say that the initial nervousness and embarrassment caused by this first exam goes away quickly.

The doctor may also take blood, blood pressure readings, weights, a urine screening, and perform a breast exam. They will ask the new mom lots of questions about her health and her lifestyle habits. They may ask about sexual partners, drug use, alcohol consumption, and what they do for a living. The doctor may also provide healthy lifestyle tips, information on pregnancy resources, parenting classes, and more. 

The first pregnancy appointment might be overwhelming. However, it is an amazing opportunity for a woman to talk to her doctor about the health of her baby and herself. Toward the end of the appointment, she’ll also have an opportunity to schedule the next visit, which might be a month away. During this time, women are encouraged to write down any questions or concerns they might have so that they can contact the office or ask these questions on the second visit.

Not all pregnancy centers work the same way. Some OB/GYNs may operate differently on the first appointment. However, the above are just a few things that most women can expect during the first visit.

Pregnancy Centers of Middle Tennessee is a pregnancy resource center in Maury County, TN, just south of Nashville. With Locations in Spring Hill and Columbia, PCoMT serves women and men in the area facing an unplanned pregnancy and provides education, free ultrasounds, and access to counseling services.

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