Wichita, KS: QC Kinetix (Legacy Park) latest regenerative therapies work concertedly to improve musculoskeletal pain and injuries, which helps eliminate the dependency on drugs and surgical procedures. Treatment for chronic pain targets small and large joint areas of the body such as the elbow, knee, shoulder, leg, ankle, back, and hip. Board-certified sports medicine and back pain treatment providers at QC Kinetix (Legacy Park) have extensive knowledge and experience working with active athletes and occasional sports players in search of safe, minimally invasive treatments that offer long-lasting relief. The medical team believes every patient deserves a unique, personalized treatment approach suited for their condition.   

As a preferred regenerative clinic, the medical providers at QC Kinetix (Legacy Park) are trained to work with patients suffering from various symptoms and health conditions. Patients are asked to submit a request form with personal information to get started. The free consultation with an in-house pain doctor takes as little as 30 minutes to 1 hour and includes examinations at no additional charge.   

Instead of going under the knife, people suffering from chronic pain and musculoskeletal injuries in Wichita can opt for non-surgical regenerative medicine. Once the treatment is completed, patients will overcome pain, regain confidence and lead a happier lifestyle. The highly effective ankle pain treatment at QC Kinetix (Legacy Park) analyzes an intersection of three joints, subtalar, talocrural, and inferior tibiofibular joint, which collectively facilitates motion and flexibility. As part of the intervention, the doctors will perform a physical examination and analyze the extent of the pain before delivering a diagnosis.  

Regenerative therapies for joint pain are effective because they stimulate the body’s self-healing mechanism to provide relief. Pain due to arthritis is one of the common joint conditions treated at the regenerative medicine Wichita clinic. The symptoms of this degenerative condition include swelling and stiffness, joint pain, and challenges in the basic skeletal structure, leading to decreased range of motion. The remarkable results of the regenerative therapies are well-documented in the patient testimonials. In a YouTube testimonial posted on QC Kinetix (Legacy Park) website, a patient experiencing pain in the wrist, shoulder, and elbow narrates how he recovered fully after undergoing the second treatment.  

QC Kinetix (Legacy Park) also offers supplements to treat joint pain and other conditions. Their popular QC Kinetix doctor-formulated Joint & Bone Health Capsules helps promote joint health, mobility and comfort. The key ingredients contained in the supplement are Vitamin D, Curcumin, Turmeric Root Extract, Boron, Collagen, Boswellia Serrata Extract, and more. 

The pain control doctors at QC Kinetix (Legacy Park) can be reached at (316) 285-9975. Their state-of-the-art treatment clinic is located at 9449 E 21st St N, Wichita, KS, 67206, US. Information concerning regenerative medicine treatment eligibility, side effects, and cost are covered on the FAQ page.

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