Nashville, TN – The world of online security is ever-changing. Many businesses, as well as cyber security organizations, struggle to keep up with emerging threats each day. For many businesses, it can be difficult to choose a provider. Nashville-based Pivotel says that the process begins with a comprehensive evaluation of a business’s needs and budget.

Pivotel Networks is one of Nashville’s leading business internet service providers. The company offers business phone systems, UCaaS, CCasS, and managed SD-WAN services throughout Middle Tennessee, including Nashville, Brentwood, and Franklin. Pivotel also serves Knoxville, Tennessee, and Louisville, Kentucky. According to the experts here, choosing a business cyber security solutions provider must begin with a security evaluation.

For a business owner to determine their needs, they must know what is vulnerable. Often, this is their computer systems and online ordering programs. Each of these is a wealth of valuable information that might put their company or their customers at risk of a data breach. Knowing how many vulnerabilities a business has is a good starting point in deciding which provider to go for. Business owners are encouraged to interview multiple cyber security firms and to ensure that they can integrate with their business phone systems and business internet services to keep their data safe.

Pivotel says there are many questions to ask a potential cyber security company before signing. These questions include:

  • What procedures are involved in keeping data safe? 

Pivotel explains that businesses have different ways of doing so. Business owners should pay close attention that their potential cyber security provider offers a detailed response. It is not simply enough to state that it will happen; business owners need to know how.

  • How is remote data accessed?

Many businesses today are run off of cloud-based systems. Businesses should ask their potential cyber security firm how, exactly, their developers and security strategists will access their data. Is it done from a secure office? Or, are employees allowed to work from home? If so, did they utilize cyber security measures, such as a VPN?

  • In the event of data loss, how is information restored?

While the particulars of this answer may be highly technical, a vendor should be able to offer a “layman’s term” explanation of the process. Cyber security providers should be fully prepared to recover data in case of accidental deletion.

  • What certifications does the vendor hold?

Any business wishing to verify a cyber security provider’s aptitude might wish to request security certification verification.

According to Pivotel, once answers to these questions have been provided, business owners can move on to finding out more about companies that were added to their shortlists. They will then want to find out if they have dedicated information security executives and whether or not a business has the right to audit its own cyber security measures.

Ultimately, choosing a cyber security solutions provider is not an easy task. While, for most businesses, it might seem pretty simple on the surface, not all providers have the same capabilities. For businesses looking for a long-term commitment, getting the answers to the above questions is crucial in ensuring that their data will be safe and recoverable if needed.

Pivotel is Nashville’s premier business phone systems and business internet services provider. Specializing in cyber security, managed SD-WAN, UCaaS, and CCaaS, the technology services company says that businesses can take cyber security to the next level by taking the time to fully vet their potential providers. Learn more by visiting their website:

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By Arlene Huff

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