Ormond Beach, FL – Mold. The stuff that just won’t seem to go away, no matter how much they are scrubbed. Mold is a serious problem in many homes and offices, and it can pose a serious health risk to occupants. For many people, the very thought of mold is enough to send them into a panic, and with good reason. It can cause a number of health problems, including respiratory illness, skin irritation, and allergic reactions. Mold can also lead to serious structural damage to property if left unchecked.

For homeowners in Daytona Beach, the best defense against mold is Pure Maintenance Mold Remediation – Daytona Beach. This mold remediation company offers higher standard mold remediation services using eco-friendly products and procedures that are fast, affordable, and effective in eliminating mold from a home or office. The result is a significant improvement in air quality and the overall appearance of the space. 

Pure Maintenance – Daytona Beach uses a patented, EPA-approved dry fog technology that penetrates every corner, even under carpets, to eliminate mold spores. This technology is so effective that it has been used by the US Military to clean biohazardous materials. The solution used by the company is also effective in killing viruses, bacteria, and mildews. It creates an inhospitable environment for these micro-organisms, resulting in less energy and better health for occupants.

The process that Pure Maintenance – Daytona Beach uses begins with a consultation and mold inspection, which takes about 30 minutes. During this time, the technician will identify the areas of the home where mold is present and determine the best course of action for remediation. After the inspection, the remediation process will begin to address the mold problem. This process typically takes about six hours, during which time the home will be fogged twice with the EPA-approved solution. Once the remediation process is complete, an air quality test will be conducted to ensure that the mold spores have been eliminated. The entire process, from consultation to air quality test, takes about 10 days and results in a home that is safer and healthier for occupants.

Daytona Beach mold removal helps clients navigate the often-confusing world of mold insurance claims. Many homeowners are unaware that their homeowner’s insurance policy likely covers mold remediation. The company works with insurance providers to get the information they need to approve a claim and get the remediation process started as quickly as possible. The company has worked with every insurance provider in Florida and has a deep understanding of the claims process.

Pure Maintenance Mold Remediation – Daytona Beach is located at 1096 N, US-1 STE 113, Ormond Beach, FL 32174, US. To get a free estimate, contact their team at (386) 675-0897. For more information regarding services offered, visit their website.

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