Clarksville, TN – Injuries from sporting activities can take many forms and arise due to various reasons, such as direct impact, twisting, sprains, strains, and bruises. While many such mishaps are instant, other sports-related injuries are progressive, with the ineffective treatment of existing conditions being the main culprit. Most progressive injuries begin as less severe complications that worsen with time due to stress from continued usage. Regardless of their causes or severity, sports injuries are serious complications that require immediate attention to avoid exacerbation. The problem is that, despite having come a long way, traditional sports medicine is still a far cry from providing ideal solutions. Luckily for Tennessee athletes, QC Kinetix (Clarksville) provides a better alternative through regenerative medicine. 

Regenerative medicine is still young compared to conventional medicine, and yet its impact on sports medicine cycles is evident. According to many athletes who have tried it, fast action, little or no downtime, significantly reduced re-injury risk, and cost efficiency are some of its most notable selling points. Although their recovery often depends on the nature and scope of their specific injuries, most injured athletes who visit QC Kinetix (Clarksville) report significant pain reduction after receiving the first treatment. Even better, many begin regaining lost mobility capabilities within a few weeks without ever having to go under the knife. Aware that partial recovery is not the goal, the Clarksville sports medicine providers continually optimize their treatments for a full recovery. 

While commenting on their experience at QC Kinetix (Clarksville), one impressed patient said, “Great, friendly, and knowledgeable staff. I had two knee surgeries last year and began a treatment program with QC Kinetix earlier this year. My knee pain has significantly diminished with the treatments the clinic offers. They offer the most up-to-date and innovative treatments in regenerative medicine. I would highly recommend QC Kinetix if you are looking into a non-surgical regenerative treatment; they are the best, in my opinion.”

One major shortcoming of using pain medications to treat sports injuries is that they never address the underlying problems. Instead, they only mask pain to allow athletes a few hours at most to go about their business without pain. As a result, athletes who use them risk underestimating the severity of their injuries instead of seeking urgent medical attention. Conversely, with QC Kinetix (Clarksville)’s regenerative medicine, injured athletes will no longer need to ingest analgesics. The clinic’s treatments take advantage of the body’s natural immunity to bring about a full recovery. In addition, being 100% natural, they have zero negative side effects typically associated with most conventional drugs. 

Patients suffering from sports injuries in Clarksville, TN, and its environs can take their first step to personal fitness by visiting QC Kinetix (Clarksville)’s location at 787 Weatherly Dr. Suite 300, Clarksville, TN, 37043, USA. Visit the clinic’s website for more information about their services. Patients can direct questions to a clinic representative at (615) 249-4024. 

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By Arlene Huff

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