Tacoma, WA: Rambo Total Pest Control offers a range of pest extermination services. One of the services is rodent control, which is a multifaceted process as different rodents respond differently to extermination techniques. Whether it is Norway rats, roof rats, house mice, or deer mice, the team starts by establishing their entry points, nest areas, feeding locations, and travel paths before placing the trapping devices.

To lock out the exterior rodent population and drive the interior population to the set traps, the Tacoma Pest Control Services seal up the identified entry points. After 5-10 days, they return to check the exclusion work and remove the caught rodents. In addition to exterminating the interior rodent populations, the pest control company protects the client’s property from the rodents living outside. They place tamper-resistant and exterior-grade bait systems to reduce and eliminate pest activity, keeping the property safe from future infestations. 

Besides, the Pest Control Services in Tacoma assists clients in exterminating stinging insects, which are often found in bushes, ground, construction voids, walls, ceilings, and trees. Whether the client’s property has Yellow jackets, paper wasps, or bald-faced hornets, the technicians use a tailored approach to eliminate the active nests and keep the property safe. The team also uses tried and tested methods to reduce pest activities on the property. 

Unlike most pest control services, the Rambo Total Pest Control team accomplishes the elimination process within hours. They also handle each infestation case differently because different stinging insects build their nests differently. In some cases, the treatment method may involve removing the nest or using alternative methods depending on its location. In the case of hornets and yellow jacket infestation, the team offers a warranty until the end of the calendar year as the two insects build large nests. 

Rambo Total Pest Control also specializes in ant control, which starts with inspection and identifying the species of the ant, their food sources, and what makes the property prone to infestation. While control tactics vary based on the ant species, the company offers double-band protection to stop new pest activities before using non-repelling transferable products transferred by foragers throughout the colony (unknowingly). 

Besides double-band protection, the technicians also use appropriately-labeled materials to control the ant population and eliminate them within a few days. Considering that ant infestations may reoccur due to pheromone trails, the company educates clients on many ways to keep their homes ant-free. It also offers continuing preventive services, especially in parts of Tacoma with ant re-infestation problems.

Rambo Total Pest Control is located at 3560 Bridgeport Way West, Suite 1D-2, University Place, WA, 98466, US. Clients interested in pest control services can contact the team at (253) 201–2286. Visit the website for more information.


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