Oviedo, Asturias – Phishing is a computer scam that uses various techniques to gain the victim’s trust and access their electronic banking accounts. The cybercriminal poses as a financial institution using emails, text messages, or other communication channels to deceive individuals. While most of the messages look like a scam, others are well designed, making it difficult for a victim to notice the con. Sello Legal Abogados is committed to fighting against cybercrime in courts under Payment Services and other legal regulations. The number of victims of phishing theft of bank account data in Spain is increasing daily, which is why the lawyers leverage their knowledge and experience to offer representation and guidance. 

A phishing scam begins when the cybercriminal steals the identity of a bank to send victims messages/notifications informing them of the suspension or blockage of their accounts. To restore the account, they send a link to a website, where the victim can change their passwords for security. While this is the most common method, there are many types of phishing techniques that evolve as technology advances. Once the phisher gains access to the victim’s electronic banking, they disable the transfer limit and send the money to foreign accounts where it’s difficult to detect. 

Recovering money from a scammer is difficult. However, the phishing lawyers at Sello Legal Abogados can claim a return of the money from the financial institution responsible for its custody. Banks have a quasi-subjective liability that obliges them to replace money fraudulently stolen from an account unless they can prove gross negligence on the client’s part. Even though banks need to take extra measures to handle security breaches/stolen funds, they blame the client to avoid recovering the money.

Victims of phishing need to complain to the bank immediately, preferably through a letter stamped by an employee. Throughout this process, Sello Legal Abogados advises victims to keep text messages, account movements, contracts, and other fraud documentation, which they can use to file a complaint with the national police. From there, the victim can file a claim at the law firm to get a fair chance at recovering their stolen funds from their banks.

At the first consultation, the victim explains their case to the phishing lawyers before presenting all the legal documents and answering any questions. With this, the lawyers give their expert opinion and offer guidance on legal resolutions/approaches to employ. If the victim decides to work with the law firm, the team defines their legal fees, whether standard, financed, or upon success. From there, the lawyer collects all the documentation and begins working on the case. 

The focus of a phishing lawyer is to negotiate with the other party without going to the courts. However, if it’s impossible to obtain an out-of-court solution, the team takes a claim to trial, where they offer representation in each phase of the judicial process. Once the case resolves, the lawyers explain the details, implications, and directives. 

To file a claim at the phishing law firm, visit their website or call +34 984 10 02 79. Sello Legal Abogados is located at C/ Alcalde García Conde 5, 2D, Oviedo, Asturias, 33001, Spain. 

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