TUSCUMBIA, ALABAMA – Straight Shooter Game Fencing, one of Alabama’s most prominent agricultural fencing contractors, says that far too many property owners wait until the last minute to schedule their fence installations. Contrary to popular belief, although it’s much cooler in the South in the winter, homeowners should not wait until after Thanksgiving day to schedule a fence installation.

According to representatives from Straight Shooter Game Fencing, fence installation begins with excavation. The process involves smoothing out fence lines. If digging is necessary, this is much easier to do before the ground freezes. If homeowner’s fences will go through previously wooded areas, they will also need a 25-foot wide clearance. This ensures that all materials and equipment can get through safely.

When a game fence will also require water gaps, having installation take place outside of the dry season – it’s usually wetter in the South in the spring – will help the contractor gauge the best placement for the water gap(s). Any water gap must be designed to allow water flow without restricting access to any livestock. Importantly, a water gap should also deter any livestock from leaving their designated areas.

The experts at Straight Shooter Game Fencing also go beyond game fencing installation. If homeowners have an existing fence, there’s never a bad time to schedule repairs and maintenance. Although a properly installed high-tensile game fence can last for many decades, severe weather can take a toll. Falling trees, floods, and the wear and tear of time may all necessitate re-stretching, tightening, or gap repair. One may also require welding or post resetting, which is also much easier and more effective before the first freeze of the year.

Those with equipment of their own or small spaces should also go ahead and order their DIY materials today.

Straight Shooter Game Fencing (SSGF) has been in business for more than two decades and has more than four decades of combined experience. They have built more than 1000 miles of agricultural fencing, and, having grown up hunting and fishing themselves, they value the integrity of the land. SSGF hopes that everyone that has wildlife, crops, or personal property to protect will heed the call and contact their preferred game fencing provider today. Remember, the longer one waits, the more chances that an investment may become compromised.

Straight Shooter Game Fencing offers agricultural and game fencing for property owners throughout the South. They are proudly based in Alabama, and their technicians can install in Tennessee, North Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Louisiana, Georgia, Virginia, and South Carolina. For more information about quality game fencing for any farm, ranch, or preserve, email SSGameFence@gamil.com.

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