Rockford, IL: Besides increasing the property’s value, solar installation has been cited as one of the best ways of improving a property’s efficiency. Apart from the two, TruHome Pros Solar installs solar panels to put homeowners in charge of their energy bills and evade the abnormal energy costs synonymous with traditional energy sources. The solar energy company also appreciates that some homeowners and commercial property owners may want to move off-grid to protect the environment.

Going green and making clients their own utility companies starts with submitting applications to a local jurisdiction. Besides the process of seeking a permit being a standard procedure, it is one of the ways the state can ensure the solar installation is safe. The solar companies near me further inspect the roof to ensure it is ready. While the solar panels (and other accessories) are lighter, the professionals check the roof’s condition to ensure it can support the new installation and does not have debris or curling. If it needs some repairs, the team advises them on what steps to follow. 

In addition to ensuring local building codes are met, the solar providers near me take about two weeks to install — from start to finish. The team further involves the client throughout the process by ensuring they know the project’s progress and other important details. 

As one of the main proponents of quality workmanship, the company ensures each installation is by a licensed solar panel installer. And after installation, homeowners enjoy a production guarantee and a 25-year maintenance warranty. If they have sufficient yard space, the top-rated team offers ground mount installation. The company also uses premium accessories, power converters, and solar panels from renowned brands. 

TruHome Pros Solar offers financing programs. The installer first assesses the client’s energy needs to determine whether they qualify for any of its three programs. With the assessment, the team assists the client in avoiding common challenges such as underestimating their power consumption and therefore going for smaller systems. 

In addition, the solar company is passionate about educating clients on incentives, which, although they differ from state to state, have a lot of commonalities. Through the initial meeting, the team takes the client through the Federal Solar Tax credit and how it can cushion them as they switch to solar. 

The professionals offer more information regarding the other two top solar incentives: local incentives and net metering. Thanks to the team’s experience installing solar panels for local clients, they have a better grasp on regional tax credits and percentages. They also help clients understand net metering and how utility companies pay homeowners for excess energy. 

TruHome Pros Solar is located at 7650 Western Gailes Dr, Rockford, IL, 61107, US. Homeowners interested in solar installations or learning about green energy can contact the company at (779) 804-2024. Visit the website for more information. 

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