As Licensed Brokers & Registered Investment Advisors, Xiggit’s Employee Care Program increases the loyalty and retention of hourly workers through a set of financial, health, and engagement benefits that fit the budget of employers who are looking to control the cost of labor but still deliver consistent service to their customers.

Since lost employee productivity costs businesses both time and money, Xiggit’s platform creates a financial buffer for employees resulting in reduced stress, absenteeism, and greater productivity on the job.

“Xiggit has been warmly received by employers” says Heather Dawson, co-founder of Xiggit. “They are spending less time and money on benefits, with employees who are more productive and engaged in their business. It’s a win-win solution.”

Offering Xiggit to employees is known to improve the financial outcome of both a business, and its employees. 

About Xiggit

A next-gen fintech startup modernizing benefits, Xiggit aims to help employers of hourly workers improve worker productivity by easing their employees’ financial stress. Even employers who have a low budget can still offer workers a broader set of “large company” financial benefits at an affordable cost and without administrative burdens. These benefits attract new employees and help retain the ones they have.

“Xiggit invests in you when you invest in you.”

Xiggit’s solution shifts the power to workers, allowing them to select only the benefits that appeal to them. 

When companies offer Xiggit’s benefits, employee financial stresses are lowered, and they can focus on doing their jobs so the business can grow instead of worrying about money and unexpected expenses at work. 

Based in Palo Alto, CA, Xiggit Inc. is a women founded and led, privately-held company. 

Case Study: Bruce Watkins, CEO, Cal Preserving

Bruce saw that his employees were under financial stress which impacted their ability to focus on their jobs. This resulted in lowered productivity, so Bruce knew he needed to make a change to help them. He thought that adding a 401k would be beneficial but since 401k’s are highly regulated the rules surrounding participation made it hard for his company to participate because very few employees wanted to opt in. Additionally, he realized that the 401k did not engage his employees. The results of this experience were both frustrating and disappointing.

Since Cal Preserving employees’ ages range from the early 20s to the early 60s; their needs and financial priorities were all over the map. Bruce turned to Xiggit for help as they offer a broad range of benefits that can be beneficial to everyone no matter what the age.

What really sold Bruce on utilizing Xiggit is that the company invested in his employees through the Boosts program.  As part of the Boosts program, Xiggit sponsors a daily ‘Learn ‘n Earn’ financial game with a monthly grant that is distributed to employees in daily prize pools; Cal Preserving employees have already earned hundreds of extra dollars! After Bruce saw the difference in employee morale, he wanted to offer his own ‘Boosts’ to supercharge the positive momentum of his employees.

Cal Preserving employees now have a set of savings benefits, which can be used to save for cars, homes, or anything else they want. PLUS, they can put money into a fully-automated, individual retirement account with a built-in advisor making it much simpler for employees to use over the 401k.

One of Bruce’s employees calls Xiggit a “lifesaver.” Their family was hit with a large unexpected expense. According to the employee, “I don’t know what we would have done if it wasn’t for Xiggit.  Before Xiggit I hadn’t been able to save more than $40 and now that we have an unexpected expense in the thousands, we can handle it without worrying.”

Bruce states, “after having a 401k, Xiggit feels like a breath of fresh air. It is simple, low-cost, easy to use… everything a 401k is not. It feels human, our employees feel more comfortable with it and they have a great support team.” 

About Xiggit Co-Founder, Heather Dawson

Heather Dawson is a serial entrepreneur who holds a track record of success. The expertise she gained working for small, fast-growing startups and giant, multinational companies in various senior level positions includes spearheading Sales, Strategic Channels and Partnerships. Before Xiggit, Heather held the title Chief Customer Officer and has worked at global companies like IBM and startups such as 1010data. 

She earned a B.S. Degree in Actuarial Science and Statistics from the University of Toronto.

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